See? Blue and Red can come together!

Blue and Red hair, that is…  Mark, the eco-liberal and Cherry, the keeper of all values traditional can find true love!  Maybe a metaphor for the coming age!  Lord knows we need a sign… any sign!


I will say again, though… they have been apart for less than a day?  Phone call, Mark begs for boat rental (actually to have someone else pay for the boat rental,) gets denied, drives out to the chopper pad, gets ditched by Cherry, choppers out to atoll with Cal, meets up with Abbey, climbs and stumbles around, gets chased by boar and lava, jumps off cliff, gets rescued by Cal in Abbey’s boat, chopper having been destroyed, outruns the final explosions and tsunami, and returns to the resort… Honey, I’m home!  Yup, 4 or 5 hours, max.  So the Trail-time equivalent of one hour to one month continues to hold up! Which means we will be in Hawaii another 8 years!