What, are you a dentist from Minnesota?

And is the lion named “Cecil?”


Should I repeat myself?  You take away the females, and the hunting party is gone!  Males lay about, waiting to get challenged by other males for the right (privilege) to mate with the females, thereby keeping the gene pool strong.  And it wasn’t just males killing cattle and villagers!  There was an intact pride going after the herd in previous days… has the “storytelling” already begun?  How much has Ms. Hunter (Ha!  Get it?  She’s a hunter…) paid to be guided out to where the lions are to take her one shot and be able to brag about the kill!?  How soon before she is vilified in the press about her taking of big game?  People back home are already squeamish about her decor- the elephant feet that serve as end-table bases in her drawing room…