What, is that your special “I live in and understand Africa” hat??

As we continue to plumb the depths of the trophy hunter’s psyche, we are given a glimpse of the cross that this particular hunter has to bear…  And I see that it’s America we are talking about, (but by her appearance we could be talking Australia, Germany, England, The Netherlands,) where animals are killed (slaughtered) 24-7 to keep the grocery meat cases filled…  and this is after these animals are paraded through 4-H clubs and state fairs where they are judged on “beauty…”What we don’t understand, Ms. Hunter, is where you would derive satisfaction over killing for what appears to be killing’s sake, simply to demonstrate you ability to do so?  Not because you need to keep you family fed?  As man spreads his boundaries and encroaches on habitat, we assume that the animals either need to be killed or relocated…  boy… listen to me, a regular eco-activist.


So if your living involves guiding and portering rich folk who feel entitled to kill because they have dominion over animals, you will of course value humans over animals…  especially the rich white ones with guns!