On a Boeing 727?

I flew a lot in my younger days- as a passenger, and that plane landing is a Boeing 7-2-7.  I’d know it anywhere by the high tail fin/stabilizer and the third engine mounted below it.  I asked a commercial pilot one time which plane he liked to fly the most, and he said, hands down, the 727.  He mentioned that it was the last plane in the air that a pilot actually got to fly.   That, and the need for an actual third crew member- a navigator- doomed that plane’s existence and you never see them anymore, except in Mark Trail.  Or with our sitting President, back in his hay-day


And who exactly is the gentleman at the counter in the background engaging with security?  By the hunch in his back he looks like he’s up to no good!  Couldn’t be our bad guy, involved in some feint, some attempt to “hide in plain (or plane (ha!)) sight,” could it?