Going right to the black-list!

As Mark approaches the Rental Car Counter (which looks more like a makeshift lemonade stand…) we see the agent all hunched over with (as it turns out) her back to the world…  Maybe she just finished a sneeze, or is sneaking a drink of something…


Gertz!  Ha!  I see what you did there Mr. Allen!  But wait there’s more!  The line that Mark dreamt up that will keep him from being able to rent a car at all…  He’s invoking the “Water-World” defense- one more thing in life that caused great tumult but was clearly not his fault… recall Cherry reminding Mark of the last time that he and Johnny Lone-Elk got together… And Leslie Joyce!  We met her a loooong time ago when we were fighting Terrorism, World Domination and Radiated Sharks with Mississippi Ken!  And even though she provided the protective suit, she reminded Mark of something, something that happened that required Mark to have “some nerve” to call her…  Yup, I’m seeing a large bulletin board with pins and yarn connecting all these people and events!