What, does everyone Mark knows live in a log cabin??

Sorry for skipping a day, kids, but now for the twofer!


Quick cut away from the Rapid City, SD FBI field office and all the bad hairlines to the home of Jimmy and Sarita (Wow, how exotic is that??) And Johnny Lone Elk lives with them?  What’s up with that?  I guess that’s what happens when you major in film… a life of dependency.  Wow, too, I can’t wait for weeks of clumsy and stilted dialogue pertaining to Mark’s unexpected “friends” or film crew or whatever…


Jimmy Ryan!  Now there’s a hairline worth writing home about…  Graying around the temples, paired up with the beautiful Sarita!  And her well placed hair band… and hand on the pane of glass making for beautiful smudge marks!

Yes, Mark is normally not so rude as to bring others along on his own invitation…  but there he is!