We leave a Trail wherever we go…

I would think that it’s more and more difficult today to do anything without laying down tracks… Electronic ones, anyway…  The Surveillance State has been well established and one need not be of the tinfoil-hat-brigade or reading a Tom Clancy novel to acknowledge that we are being watched, or at least have the opportunity to be watched at any given moment… Such is the case with our current story line.  There are so many breadcrumbs, you’d almost have to try NOT to see what’s going on here.  Although the motives of the bad guy remain an absolute mystery.  Almost like he wants to get caught!


But what the heck did the Sheriff have to say??  Does he know about the robbery?  Did he agree that there might be a connection?  There is no connection between the first and subsequent panels in today’s installment, but then there’s nothing new about that!!