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Well, keep up, Bald One!

You are not in charge here any more, this is not your domain.  It’s still a wonder why you are engaging in the kind of getaway that doesn’t get you away, and you’ll have to live with the consequences of that decision…


But wait- is that a Prairie Dog in panel two?  Ah… so what…

Gang, I gotta be honest here… this is just becoming a chore.  And if it ain’t fun, then why do it?  It’s been a decent ride these last few years, but these postings will start becoming a little more dispersed, like when something really happens or the muse strikes…

4 thoughts on “Well, keep up, Bald One!

  1. Say it ain’t so! Does this mean that I’ll have to imagine my own commentary on the days that Mark isn’t forcing the plot ahead at break-neck speed?

    I’m hoping that you find you just . . . can’t . . . keep . . . away from the Trailverse. For my part, I’ll faithfully check in each day to get my fix and see what develops.

  2. Johnny is, at most, 10 yards ahead. And that constitutes a danger to Baldy? Well, just what in hell does Baldy think Johnny might do, anyway: Gallop 30 miles to the sheriff in 30 minutes? Johnny’s horse certainly doesn’t look like it’s trying to get ahead of the crowd.

    Perhaps Baldy just doesn’t understand that he is in a wilderness area, not Downtown. Or, perhaps, Allen just doesn’t know how to suggest separation. Since Allen made a giant 2nd panel, he COULD have taken advantage of the extra real estate and drawn Johnny on the far side of the panel to at least SUGGEST he is pulling ahead. But then again, that might have ruined Allen’s placement of the Prairie Dog.

    Speaking of which, if the “perspective” or pictorial depth is ANYWHERE realistic, that has to be one honking big Prairie Dog! No wonder Johnny is not racing forward! 🙂

  3. Dennis,

    Just post the comic strips without commentary. We’ll be happy to fill in for you! That way, you can keep the continuity without having to keep pointing out the…the…the…the whatever the hell it is. Just post the strips. We’ll fill in for you the best we can.

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