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Trust issues?

Yea, I’d say… One really has to wonder what sets a man on a path of no good?  For Walter White it was the realization that he was dying and that he hadn’t done anything to leave his family well situated upon his demise…  So he did what he could, hedgehog style, and used his knowledge and skill to manufacture the best crystal meth the plant has ever known.  He “Broke Bad…”


But for Baldy, now clearly out of his element and locus of control, he has to question everything because he simply doesn’t know whether he is being fed a line of BS or not…  So now he has no other choice than to fall into Mark’s trap… along the ridge at Vulture Creek… ominous enough for you??

3 thoughts on “Trust issues?

  1. For a “Guy With The Gun”, Baldy sure seems to lack the “take charge” spirit. And what kind of response is “That sounds fishy” to the revelation that an alternate route might be a better way to avoid the incoming storm? How about this response: “From here on, we must ride with our eyes closed and yell ‘LA! LA! LA! LA! LA! LA! LA!'” So, is that fishy enough for you?

    And to add guilty-by-stupidity to his mental awareness, Baldy finishes his pathetic complaint with “What did your friend suggest?” which, of course, Mark told him in Panel One: we’re taking an alternate route to avoid the storm.

  2. Artistic Memes in the Mark Trail strip:

    1. Allen’s continued use of silhouetted figures, even in daylight.
    2. The placement and curvature of the wolf’s hind quarters reflecting similar shapes of the rocks behind..
    3. The shrinking significance of human figures (in size and detail) giving more significance to the surrounding landscape is a hallmark of the Trailverse Vision that coincides with the traditional philosophy of Chinese landscape painting known as Shan Shui (mountains/water). For example: “Ming Huan’s Journey to Shu”, a painting from the 8th century. Not known is whether Allen follows the spiritual and philosophical reasons of the Chinese artists.

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