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For the love of…

JP!  What the hell have you been doing??  I asked you to call Trail’s wife about two weeks ago!!  Jiminy Crickets, man!!  Do I have to do these things myself?


OK, we KNOW that we lost track of Trail once he left the airport!  Isn’t it your JOB to pick up the scent and find him??  Head over to the airport and check the rental records at least?  FBI… sheesh.  They could use some good press these days what with all the BS going on at the top of the org in Washington… at the rate we are going here the boss-man just might complete his hair replacement program!

2 thoughts on “For the love of…

  1. What does he mean he lost track of Trail once he ran into that bank robber? Has the FBI been after Mark all along and just happened to spot the “bank robber”? And how does he know Baldy is a bank robber in the first place if they have been tailing Trail?

    Well, these goof-ups seem to think this is all a bunch of “good ol’ boy” fun, based on their expressions. Know wonder they are stuck in South Dakota.

  2. One might think the FBI has that entire building; which it doesn’t. I think it is just one suite of offices on the 4th floor. The rest of the building seems to be filled with accounting firms and attorneys.

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