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This morning?!

Holy Comic Time!  We were introduced to Baldy and Co. on March 31st!  We are going on the third complete month since then and the earth hasn’t even completed a single rotation in the Trailverse…… wow…


By now I am sure that Cherry is asking herself why she lets Mark go anywhere… All he does is attract trouble and calamity.  But there was of course plenty of foreshadowing regarding hooking up with Johnny Lone Elk (who Mark refers to simply as “Lone Elk…“)  So let’s all try to keep up, Kids, the sun should be setting in a week or two…

2 thoughts on “This morning?!

  1. Right everyone, This Morning!
    Thus far it’s consistent that this author runs his story lines in roughly bi-yearly installments as well as trying to accomplish some weird comics world record of making a single day into an eternity.
    Spare us James!

  2. Talk about elastic time! Mark would have had to
    a. Drive for about an hour to get to the airport, seeing as how lives in the middle of a forest
    b. Be at the airport 2 hours before the flight for security.
    c.Fly for about an hour or two; that’s at least 4 hours, just to get to Cedar Rapids.
    After all that, Trail has managed to
    d. Find time to meet up and converse with Baldy and Blondie,
    e. Rent a car,
    f. Get out of the airport,
    g. Drive out of the city,
    h. Drive for some undefined length of time out into the wilderness. where they
    i. Have time to stop at a gas station so Baldy can “take care of some business”
    j. During this drive, the FBI is not only able to view the cameras at a bank robbery, but has had time to canvas the area for witnesses; and
    k. issue a BOLO on the bank robber’s car, which was located by local police.
    l. The FBI ran facial recognition software (which in real time can take many hours or days) and actually got a hit, while Trail and Company are still driving out to the country;
    m. Meanwhile, Trail and Company arrive at the cabin and hang around for a spell until they get horses, where they
    n. slowly poke along a trail for some undetermined time (though the implication from the dialog is that it has been some time going), in what appears to still be daylight.
    o. And the FBI director is already asking for an update on talking with Cherry on the phone.

    And yet, Trail and Company haven’t even had lunch.

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