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Mark writes books??

When on earth would he have time to do that?  Or maybe it’s a compendium of all the “articles” he as written over the years… re-use, recycle… that’s one way of getting through life… I’ll bet it sold at least 100 copies…


Nice sensible attire, Cherry.  Looks like you just returned from a parent-teacher conference or something… assuming Rusty actually goes to school.  We’ve never heard ‘boo’ about any academic pursuits pertaining to their adopted ward…

But really, Cherry…  do you really know what Mark does when he is away?  Why he could be a regular Charles Kuralt, complete with second family…

2 thoughts on “Mark writes books??

  1. since they found Rusty in the woods and he was pretty much feral, I imagine he would be “lost forest”schooled as he would probably bite some poor kid if he went to the one room schoolhouse down the road

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