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Uh oh, you’re in trouble now…

Some vestiges of the old Mark Trail still sneak in, despite laptops and cell phones telling us that we are in a more modern age…


Like the scene above, “Miss Joyce?” calls the white male boss.  “Yes, Mr. _____,” as we apparently don’t use first names…  Terribly old school.

And what’s with Leslie Joyce?  Good Lord she ain’t lookin’ so good… certainly not compared to the siren we were introduced to a while back


Is that a look of shock, complete with hand to mouth, or is she going to call out to someone??

2 thoughts on “Uh oh, you’re in trouble now…

  1. Aside from the usual “ColorForms” figures, I’m intrigued by the two-toned wall in the office, which happens to mirror the sky and sand(?) in Panel One. But in Panel Two, it makes the office look like the door is suspended in the air, perhaps leading to another dimension.
    Maybe two-toned walls are a big thing at WaterWorld. Is the coloring directly from Allen or was it applied afterwards, by some third-party hack?

    I wonder if they have Kevin Costner on retainer?

  2. besides Ms. Joyce’s strange “android arm”, is it really impossible for Mr. Allen to draw a perfect nose on any other male character besides Mr. Trail’s?

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