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The Siren Returns!

There she is!  Bedroom eyes and all!!  And what is that on “Gil’s” chin?  is that a shadow or a soul patch??


Apparently Boss Man Gil has caught wind of Mark’s attempt at identity theft…  but wait… how?  I mean well… OK, I get it now… even though he rented the car under the account of Leslie Joyce (hey, why not??) and given that WaterWorld had not removed Mark’s name from the list of approved renters (tsk, tsk) and they probably still had to take his personal information- Driver’s License, etc.- and this transaction then hit the account of WaterWorld, well, voila, Leslie is being called into the office for a grilling…  Pretty sneaky, Mark.  Still highly improbable, but let’s suspend disbelief long enough to just go with it.

Dread the thought?  How about Perish the Thought??

Check out the Master… Josh at the comics curmudgeon as he riffs on the latest Mark Trail plot “twists.”

2 thoughts on “The Siren Returns!

  1. Since I can’t even draw a bath, I am slow to criticize the artwork here, but the three images of Leslie shown yesterday and today almost look like different people. The hair around the face is very different, including a very high forehead yesterday, a helmet cut in the first panel today and ears showing in the last panel.

    Clearly I am taking a break from shaking my head over another slow, convoluted and unrealistic story line. Any bets when Dirty reappears or was he just another scene setting device like Honey and Darling never to be seen again??

  2. So we are to believe that the Rental Company not only processed Mark’s rental at the airport, but managed to get it into their central office’s computers and fast-tracked an invoice to WaterWorld’s Accounts Receivables, which somehow figured something was amiss (“What? A car rental!? We must alert the Chief!”) and expedited it through their chain of command to Gil. ALL ON THE SAME AFTERNOON!!!

    Wow. Amazon could learn a lesson or two here, I think.

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