He does have a name!!

Sheriff Stober!  I know… All I would have had to do is go back through the dailies, but they are painful the first time around, so I was content to not multiply the discomfort!


So with Mark and Crew safe inside the saloon, we cut back to the cave where we are hoping for an encounter with the Shut-in, Cave-bound Grizzly.  Seriously, is he like Bat Boy of Weekly World News Fame?

Speaking of shut-ins, or not, check out the Believe It or Not entry from yesterday:


I am choosing to NOT believe this… not that Ray and Wilma probably haven’t been to 99.85% of the World’s Cracker Barrel locations, and why not the last one we wonder… but  really??  5 million miles?  The earth’s circumference is roughly 25,000 miles, meaning they could have circled the earth 200 times…  or gone to the Moon and back 10 times!!  C’mon, let’s do a little fact checking here!