Whatcha gon do?

Ahm gon trow dat ting, mon.


Let’s hope he has better aim with the ol’ tomahawk than he does have the sense to keep his gun barrel pointed up at the falling rain… (thanks, George…)

Of all the one-panel-wonders we have been subjected to, this one is actually pretty cool… I’ll give you that, James Allen.

As the tomahawk flies through the air (it’s got to have a name, right?) We are hopefully days away from witnessing frontier justice at its best.  “He shot first, Sheriff, honest!!”  I have probably shared this before, but it bears sharing again- the courtroom scene from the Coen Brothers remake of True Grit, where one Marshall Rooster Cogburn is being cross-examined and challenged for his use of deadly force…  Having a reputation for shooting first and asking questions later.  I love the language.  It’s apparently authentic to the time period.