Oh, heck ya!

… as we say in Minne-soota.  Considering that only a day (or two at most) has transpired, I am sure that Mark’s return flight isn’t for a few days, at least!!  Let’s get after them dogs!!


Look at the faces on Jimmy and Sarita.  They look positively, I don’t know… nonplussed.  As if bank-robbing kidnappers make their way through their home on a regular basis…  Like this is no big deal.

So, as Sheriff Stober puts another notch on his gun belt, he will put this into his “Why I Deserve to be ‘Lawman of the Year’ and get Re-elected” file. Heck… I’d vote for him.  But what about the FBI?  The guy with the putting-green hair style?  Was their role in all this only to describe Sheriff Stober and the fact that he carries a tomahawk?  So that said tomahawk could come into play, breaking Baldy’s hand and turning the tables?  That’s a lot of government salary and taxpayer money to basically ignore a kidnapping and bank robbing situation.  Or is it the fact that it was still a local matter, the misanthropic highway-people hadn’t crossed a state line yet?

So do we get back to Dirty and the Diamonds now?  I am waiting to see where this goes before I open a new Category… I have been head-faked before…