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I think we’ve got this backwards…

Nighty night, Jumbo!  I’m guessing that’s not the Elephant’s real name…


Enter stage left one Marlin Creed… who feels compelled to point himself out in a small crowd… rather than extend his hand in greeting?


Marlin looks like he wrestles bears before breakfast… and his assistant Jim (no last name) doesn’t look very excited to be there at all!  And judging by the look on Marlin’s face, he’s not excited to have him there…  But wait… Here’s the irony in all this:  We are channeling Marlin Perkins and Jim Fowler, except that in Wild Kingdom, Marlin Perkins was the Milquetoast and Jim Fowler was the rough and tumble sort…  I see what we’re doing here…

2 thoughts on “I think we’ve got this backwards…

  1. And HOW will Jumbo be okay after the tranquilizer wears off? Seems to me, after a few minutes of wooziness, Jumbo would go right back to his former, terrified status.

    Good catch on those names, Dennis! And what about this”MR Creed” and “Jim” business from MR Trail? Clearly, Mark knows how to suck up. But why? Now, are these the next pair of “bad guys”? Creed has that look about him. And like, Blondie, Jim seems to be the unwilling accomplice.

    Looks like, once again, the quite unofficial Mark Trail completely takes over and pushes the otherwise-professional crew that was already on scene. Based on their reactions so far, perhaps it was qualified this time.

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