How Far the Mighty have Fallen!!

I guess we wouldn’t have had the chance to notice the Zoo-Jeep until now, but OK, I guess…


And of course poor Jim (Fowler?) immediately takes the back seat, in deference to The Trail.  If Mark’s not driving, then he’s sure a hell riding shotgun…  Unless he’s on Safari and there is a pretty woman involved


So what’s the plan here?  To drive the Rhino to exhaustion?  Pull out another tranq-gun, this one with armor piercing capabilities?

Ah yes, the days of the Television Show… before the world was taken over and the Networks fell under siege to a universe of 5-minute YouTube clips…  When Sunday night meant Wild Kingdom, the Wonderful World of Disney and, if you were lucky (since it was past bedtime) Bonanza!  OK!  Aging myself a bit there…