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How Far the Mighty have Fallen!!

I guess we wouldn’t have had the chance to notice the Zoo-Jeep until now, but OK, I guess…


And of course poor Jim (Fowler?) immediately takes the back seat, in deference to The Trail.  If Mark’s not driving, then he’s sure a hell riding shotgun…  Unless he’s on Safari and there is a pretty woman involved


So what’s the plan here?  To drive the Rhino to exhaustion?  Pull out another tranq-gun, this one with armor piercing capabilities?

Ah yes, the days of the Television Show… before the world was taken over and the Networks fell under siege to a universe of 5-minute YouTube clips…  When Sunday night meant Wild Kingdom, the Wonderful World of Disney and, if you were lucky (since it was past bedtime) Bonanza!  OK!  Aging myself a bit there…

2 thoughts on “How Far the Mighty have Fallen!!

  1. So, what do you think the odds are that these two “zoo workers” are, in reality, working for Dirty Dyer and mean to lead Trail into a trap; that it was Dyer who engineered the train wreck just to maneuver Trail here. That was the “training” that Dyer sought out; and it all connects back to his interest in this particular circus at the start of this adventure.

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