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I am glad that they are whispering…

…and I am sure that Joe’s wheels are turning…  knowing that he will have to neutralize the building threat… I remind us all that this is a totally self-inflicted wound… the fact that he drove Rusty and Mara right to the scene of the crime and allowed them to witness the drop…


Of course it’s Mara who is keeping them from showing their hand… but I keep wondering when that mane of hers is going to come to life.  It looks like a/an opossum strapped to the back of her head!


One thought on “I am glad that they are whispering…

  1. Well, I suppose we have to give Mark some credit for having enough courage or confidence in letting Rusty—and a young girl whom he barely knows, but was left in his charge—go gallivanting around on their own in the Yucatan jungle, with a total stranger.

    On one hand, it’s not like the junior detectives actually cleared their adventure with Mark; on the other hand, Mark did more or less let them go off on their own. Still, I don’t think he had this in mind. But I say: “Go for it, kids! Learn to make decisions on your own. Have an adventure. Just get home in time for dinner.”

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