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Opening his mouth, Rusty removes all doubt…

…as to whether he is emotionally, intellectually and experientially challenged…


Clip art at its best comparing the center panels from yesterday and today!


Oh, Mara… You don’t realize what a rube you are hooked up with here until he opens his mouth and starts talking… Just remember that Rusty hasn’t had all the advantages that you have had, he’s not nearly as well read or aware, woke even.  He has spent his life on Lost Forest property dreaming of fishing.  That’s about it… This is his first travel-abroad opportunity, and well, he’s a little in over his head…


2 thoughts on “Opening his mouth, Rusty removes all doubt…

  1. Well, if this doesn’t slam the door on any chance of making time with Mara, nothing will. At some point, Rusty may finally realize how emotionally and socially “imprisoned” he is, stuck in Lost Forest all these years with Mom, Granddad, and a bunch of animals. He’ll take it out on his rarely-at-home Dad, who always gets to have all of the fun and excitement.

    The poor kid might even run away to The Big City, to grow up real fast. Now, won’t THAT be an adventure to chronicle in the Trailverse: “From here on, just call me Russ. I’m not a kid any more!”

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