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Giant Squirrel and Fists of Justice?!

Don’t know about oversized Squirrels, but “Fists of Justice” is a reference from Mark Trail of Yore, when a storyline would wrap in about 60 days on average, with Mark punching the whiskers off the face of some bad guy…


Unfortunately that’s not what we do today… The stories drag on for months, seemingly without purpose or direction, and we are left to wonder WTF? I’m glad that Rusty passed up “Slime” magazine… and wonder of wonders, todo esta en inglés!


2 thoughts on “Giant Squirrel and Fists of Justice?!

  1. Yep, those two Gringos sure blend in! And what better way to maintain a low profile than to pretend to gawk at a magazine while standing with your face towards the sidewalk, rather than the magazine stand.

    Perhaps “Giant Squirrel” is an in-joke about Mara’s pony tail.

  2. I just noticed: the figure on “Slime” magazine looks a lot like Sam Harris. Appears that Allen may be getting bolder in showing his politics.

    I could be wrong, of course.

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