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OK, three’s the limit…

Better get caught up, here… With the dude on chopper in hot pursuit, making mincemeat of the patio furniture…


…our people are racing through the highways and byways of Santa Poco…


…until they make their most serious mistake of all…


…following Rusty’s lead!  Good luck with that.  Taking after his father, though, heading down blind alleyways in search of sanctuary.  We’ll be back in a while after this little chase scene resolves…


One thought on “OK, three’s the limit…

  1. So, for some unknown reason, Rusty decides to cut away from Backpack Guy and lead Mara down some kind of ally. Meanwhile Motorcycle Guy moves in and cuts off Backpack Guy.

    Are we to believe that Rusty, somehow, doped out the situation on the fly and figured out that Motorcycle Guy is a Good Guy and Backpack Guy is a Bad Guy?

    Or was Rusty just simply suspicious in the first place, and it was Motorcycle Guy who doped out the situation and was able to separate the Bad Guy from the kids?

    And more importantly, did Rusty suddenly get wiser than Mara? And will his manliness at last get redeemed in Mara’s eyes?

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