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A neatly finished dead end!

In a city where is seems that all the stucco and mud coatings have seen better days, the wall that will trap them looks to be freshly skimmed and painted!


Mara, sometimes it’s the littlest of things… decisions we make that can turn the tide for or against us.  The day you decided to follow the hapless and feckless Rusty Trail into a Mexican alley is the day that you will live to rue…  If they survive this setback!!


3 thoughts on “A neatly finished dead end!

  1. Okay, maybe NOT into the arms of Backpack Man. So, where in hell is “Dad”, anyway? I realize that he left the kids to their own devices about two hours ago (perhaps) in Real Time. Now, this entire adventure, starting from the morning drive to the archaeology site; hanging around a bit, getting driven by Joe/Jose to tour a different temple site where they discover several suspicious characters during a temple tour; trailing suspicious Backpack Guy to Santa Poco in Joe’s van; ineptly shadowing him through town; and trying to escape from him and Motorcycle Guy down a blind alley; well, this has got to have eaten up a lot of the actual day. Gotta be at least late afternoon, right?

    Speaking of eating, I don’t believe we have seen these two amateur sleuths so much as buy a taco from a street vendor.

    Meanwhile, Cherry is again left behind to: Left to wander the vacuous streets of their vacation resort; drink mai tai’s on the beach while building a cancer-causing tan; and “make nice” with the Cordays.

  2. Interesting: The kids appear to be trapped in a blind alley, but in the first panel with the syncopated running teens that they are passing what seems to be another alley! Artistic License, perhaps, or just another dead end?

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