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OK, now you’re just being an ass…

And for the record, she’s no señorita… more likely a Señora


… and for the lámpara.  <<sigh>> I just don’t get this.  Maybe there’s nothing to get.

Time Check:  April 26, 2018.  That’s when the Trails arrived at the airport… Coming up on 8 months of this shite.

2 thoughts on “OK, now you’re just being an ass…

  1. CHIS!?

    At first, I thought Allen was being clever and had used a Spanish word for “crash”. But in Spanish, “chis” appears to be either an interjection (e.g. “shhh!”) or slang for “piss”.

    In any event, I also wonder why Allen missed the opportunity to use the Spanish convention of starting and ending sentences with an exclamation point to indicate when people are clearly speaking Spanish, not English: ¡Thank, you for the food, Senorita!

    The only questions remaining now are:

    1. Does Raul exit (stage left) feet first or head first?
    2. Does Allen use a single panel tomorrow for the “dramatic” horizontal exit and complete his jump on Friday?

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