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What Th-?

I thought for sure that by skipping yesterday and reading both today we’d have some closure here… some reveal.  Nope.


From what I can tell, there are three people in the room?


Maybe more??  Are you asking Jose a question or asking if it’s Jose?  Who knows…

3 thoughts on “What Th-?

  1. I remember as a kid Ed Dodd or Jack Elrod would start an adventure then finish it off in 3 weeks or so. With James Allen it is a 5 month yawn fest. I agree, the art work is very good. But this story telling is just awful. I really wish Trail would go the way of Calvin & Hobbes and Peanuts. Reprint the originals. It is almost getting unreadable. This blog is much more entertaining! And I’m a Trail Head!

    • Hah! Mark, if we start from the re-introduction of Dirty Dyer, this adventure began a year ago, on December 18, 2017! There were some mini-story lines along he way. Still, I have no problems with long stories, as long as there is sufficient action and plot development. The pace here, as you noted, is soap-opera-slow. Compare it to the great adventure strips of the ’30s and ’40s.

      However, I’ll give Allen credit for building up a reasonable level of suspense and complexity, just dragged out a bit loo long. On the other hand, did you ever read the original “Count of Monte Christo”? Talk about a long story…!

  2. I did not read that book. War and Peace was the longest. I however, miss the woodsy, corny part of Mark Trail past. Have not seen a flapjack nor a campfire in years!

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