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I guess the lesson here is that Rusty needed to make a bigger “splash…”

As we wrap up this little story line that started over half a year ago…


Mark is seen denying the fact that, while confused,  Rusty does have feelings for Mara…


…and of course he goes for the familiar to change the subject… Nature!


…With a quick cut to the youngsters… and Rusty’s clumsy attempts to express emotions.  Not bad, considering he has zero behaviors to model from his home life… And besides, what’s that red thing on the side of Rusty’s head?  Did something in the water gnaw his ear off??

3 thoughts on “I guess the lesson here is that Rusty needed to make a bigger “splash…”

  1. Poor Rusty. The hayseed doofus just got the ultimate brush off — “that is so sweet” in callous city girl talk means “point and laugh at the nerd”. She is going to mock him in front of her friends when he sends pictures of squirrels, fish and deer.

  2. And here I’ve been on the road several days wondering what intrigues and plot twists I may have been missing. Now that I’m down in Virginia visiting family, I can catch up (since Mark Trail is not carried in the local papers). Poor Rusty: Being awkward and interested only seems to work if you are tall, dark, and handsome. This makes me wonder why Mark was rolling his eyes upward the other day when talking about Mara. Clearly, nothing untoward, given Mark’s normal reaction to other women.

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