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Ummmm… We going anywhere with this?

Oh thank you, thank you for letting us in on the lives of the Trails.  Such riveting discourse!  Rusty is either being terribly polite or has no idea what’s “cool” and what’s not…


Diversity?  Is that the knock on the comics?  I am thinking that the two issues today are the fact that we are still reading old ‘Peanuts’ and ‘Doonesbury’ dailies because there aren’t (apparently?) any better options…  and that the miniaturization of the format leaves those still interested in the funny pages getting out the magnifying glass, or glad that they get the electronic version delivered so as to blow it up to 150% on a high-def computer screen…

One thought on “Ummmm… We going anywhere with this?

  1. OK, a comic strip talking about comic strips. Like this entire story line, this is getting way too meta. What’s next, Mark breaking the fourth wall and talking directly to the reader?

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