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Revenge is a dish best served…

…with a flamethrower??


Or a Rocket Launcher?

I seriously wonder if we will be allowed (now) to follow through on this storyline… or if we will be teased (once again) only to be dragged into another slow motion story featuring Mark and a handful of non-repeating bit players…  focused on some “article” that Mark owes the magazine…

I am sure that Mark remains oblivious to this threat, having moved on, thinking (as we all did) that Dirty Dyer died.  Oh won’t Mark be surprised when he sees what will surely look like a ghost to him…

2 thoughts on “Revenge is a dish best served…

  1. Man, I go away for 3 weeks…only to find that nothing much has happened. Talk about soap opera strips. This is almost like the speed of time in “Mary Worth” or “Judge Parker”.

    I suppose it WAS too much to suppose that Dirty would have been connected with the smuggling ring in Mexico. But what’s with this flame thrower nonsense? Who does Dirty think he is…Ernst Stavro Blofeld concocting some outlandish scheme to kill off James Bond? How about a basic 9mm Glock, or maybe a Barrett M82 sniper rifle? I suppose if villains used more practical weapons and took practical steps to dispose of Good Guys, then movies, books, and comic strips would be much shorter!

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