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Everyone’s a Comedian!

As the Random Shore Bird (RSB) continues to attempt extraction from the tiny shell, we learn more about “cabana boy…”


Always good to have a forger!  Never know when you will need to assume an alternate identity!  Although I am guessing the technology has advanced some since the Donald Pleasence character in the Great Escape

One thought on “Everyone’s a Comedian!

  1. Good grief! What is this: a Pauly Shore “comedy” bit!? And why should “Cabana Boy” (ie Semen or is that Semer?) start acting paranoid? Dirty already has him on the payroll! I swear, I’m going back to one of my earlier theories that Allen must be using a 10-year old to brainstorm the story line and dialog.

    “The Great Escape” – great movie! And more or less true. Too bad author Paul Brickell is no longer around to help out with the story.

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