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Better soak it water…

The Mailman?  Did he ring twice?  Was it a he?  Who on earth knows where Rusty Trail lives, anyway?  Is it one of those “discreet” packages that doesn’t give away the contents, lest everyone knows your particular fetish?


But I’ll be honest, Campers.  I live in a part of the country that has seen record snowfalls and cold temperatures… and seeing the green and blue and pink in today’s strip just makes me jealous.  At the rate we are going (still fighting to get above zero and stay there, and another 3-6″ forecast for the weekend) we are going to be living with the snowpack for a while…  I mean, if I wanted this, I’d go live in Alberta…



2 thoughts on “Better soak it water…

  1. Perhaps Mara sent him an illustrated “instruction” book and some adult toys!

    Or, it’s a bomb. After all, Dirty does seem like the archetypal over-the-top villain.

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