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Time to take that pink chamois-cloth shirt on the road!

Building up…


Wait for it…


Ba-boom, chsssssh…..

3 thoughts on “Time to take that pink chamois-cloth shirt on the road!

  1. “Relax, Honey. What could go wrong?”

    You’d hope that Allen would concoct a more imaginative lead-in to the next dangerous episode in the life of Mark Trail than this DOA cliche. But, this is a comic strip based on old-time conventions, old-time values, and old-time humor.

    Gee, what COULD go wrong? Perhaps we should make a prediction list and see how many items on the list come to pass. I’ll start:

    _They have troubles just getting there
    _Rusty wants to come along.
    _Some claim jumpers show up
    _Leola insists upon coming along
    _A cave-in
    _They meet an actual Indian/Native American who looks and talks like Tonto.
    _While looking for the mine, a sudden desert storm hits, leading to flash flooding. They all get
    separated. Mark is torn between saving Doc and saving Leola.
    _Mark discovers Rusty put the Voodoo doll in his back pack as a joke.
    _The Dept of Revenue shows up at Lost Forest to assess Doc’s undeclared gold find.
    _Cherry calls to say that “a nice man with an eye patch who said he was a friend of yours dropped off a package. He said I should call you after he leaves and then open the package to tell you what’s in it! Well, he just left, so I’m opening the package now.”
    _Rusty runs away to find Marla.

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