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Well, that explains it!

Penniless and bitter?  Who wouldn’t want to emulate that?  Or at least avenge that fate?  I guess JJ took a lesson from history and appears to be making a living off the suckers with the same dreams of getting rich quick!


I wonder who actually offered JJ sympathy… certainly not Mark, who is probably still sullen and distant.

Speaking of gold, if you haven’t watched the Netflix offering “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” I heartily recommend it…  It’s an anthology of six short films, one of which features a prospector and the process that he uses to actually find gold.  I found that fascinating.  It’s Coen Brothers, too, so that alone makes it worth a watch.

2 thoughts on “Well, that explains it!

  1. Naw, it was probably Leola, “priming the pump” so to speak. Mark is the seated figure on the right. As for the writing and plot, what a bunch of tired clichés! And I have to say that this entire story arc, from the point where they meet Leola, really stinks. Why are Mark and Doc letting this farce continue?

  2. Loved Tom Waits talking to “Mr. Pocket!” Definitely not a get-rick-quick effort, tracking where to find that gold. Fascinating.

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