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Not just any old bees…

…the one in the pink chamois-cloth shirt… he’s the wise one…


Run where, Mark?  Your options are slim and none as you are now totally exposed in the desert- no water in which to wade , no car to climb into…

k11071-1iCan you tell the difference?  According to the USDA, the Africanized (or Killer) bee is on the left in this photo…





And the spread throughout the south is well documented, below:


Another  reason, despite the sluggish spring we are experiencing this year,  that I will probably always stay well north of the Mason Dixon line…

One thought on “Not just any old bees…

  1. So I wonder if we are now going to see ongoing “the strange sound of the week” events in this story?

    But who yells “Africanized bees!”, instead of the more common and obvious “Killer bees!”, anyway!? You might as well yell, “Look out, it’s a swarm of melliferae scutellatae!” I’ve read that these bees like to attack in groups and can chase you for a quarter mile or more.

    That means Mark and Company don’t have to run faster than the bees pursue, just faster than the slowest member of the group. That’s bad news for ol’ Doc.

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