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Falling Frontward Into Money…

Story of Mark’s life.  Rent-free at Lost Forest.  Complete freedom of movement…


Bad Joke.


Well, he didn’t find the actual cave opening, (as was suggested by a faithful reader,) but rather a critical landmark…  Which could probably have been noticed by anyone looking up and not fixated on the map…

But what happened to the bees?  Is Doc off camera getting stung to death!?

2 thoughts on “Falling Frontward Into Money…

  1. Interesting, ain’t it? How the map virtually contradicts Doc’s recollection of the cave being in a valley with a steep drainage and strange twisty rocks and pillars. But he said nothing about a skull mountain. Yet the map points to this “landmark”, while omitting anything about twisty rocks and pillars. Well, if Doc survived the bees, maybe he suddenly remember the skull mounting.

    BTW, am I the only one to notice how poorly drawn Mark’s canteen appears? Perhaps Allen’s inker forgot to add the modeling.

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