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Mega Meta

Comics within comics… makes my head hurt.


Jungle Jim, huh?  Never heard of it.  But Johnny Weissmuller played him on TV…  after the Tarzan Role, I guess he was a bit typecast…

Jungle Jim.jpg

Looks to be a fast paced romp!  Not!


2 thoughts on “Mega Meta

  1. Of course Allen zeros in on Comics Kingdom because of its size, popularity, and Twitter-like rants. I browsed over to Comics Kingdom just now, where they have quite the active Critics’ Row. In fact, I noticed that Allen, himself, sometimes gets involved in the bantering.

    “Jungle Jim”: one of the once-popular adventure strips of the ’30s and ’40s (e.g. The Phantom, Terry and the Pirates, Little Orphan Annie, Kerry Drake) that “Mark Trail” has tried to keep alive. Imagine having a full half-page or even dedicating an entire page to a single comic strip! The cartoonists back then really had some room to work and could create those beautifully illustrated panels that are no longer possible in today’s newspaper environment.

  2. I’d like Mark to light up a pipe and go into Canada. I’m very weary of desert themes. We need coffee and flapjacks on the fire. A canoe, poachers, and pine tree’s. Ed Dodd send a message!

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