Home » Yeti, Oh my Yeti » That look doesn’t come easily…

That look doesn’t come easily…

Check out the center panel… Mark is physically and literally bowled over!


And Mark, I guess you have been, and always will be, Bill Ellis’ Bitch…


…but he’s fine with that!  Apparently…


…and all Doc can do is hike up his breeches; knowing that he’s had his adventure, so he’d best keep his own counsel on this one…


…at which point Cherry is now heading for either the bottle of Excedrin or the bottle of Tito’s Handmade Vodka…


Oh, Mark… you so proud!  You get to go on a trip without any of your adopted family!  This is what you dream of day and night!!  You go, Tiger.  Bag yourself a Yeti!


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