Hertz Rent-an-Elephant?

OK, let’s start with the premise that it’s broad daylight…


…and the fact that bats, vampire or otherwise, are nocturnal creatures… why would they be swarming now?  Also, so-called vampire bats are tiny… about 3 inches in length.  Dr. Camel, you are nothing but a showman, a  huckster. The fact that people have this thing called google allows them to fact-heck your ass!


Do you have to return the elephants with a full tank?  Or did you pre-pay upon picking them up?  And how exactly does one “get” a Sherpa?  Talk about working for peanuts!  <HA HAW> And how high are you planning to go in search of Squatch?  Hey- that would make a great show- Tonight on Animal Planet, “In Search of Squatch!”  Has a nice alliterative feel to it…  and it seems that we already have the opening song… and oops, seems that Leonard Nimoy beat me to it…