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Tell us how you really feel, Mark!

It’s apparent that Mark is still not very happy about his assignment…


…with Dr. Camel huffing and puffing along, Mark gets in a good smirk.


I will say this, though… Mark has new facial expressions now.  I don’t think I have seen that on before…


Riveting, I tell you!  imply riveting!


One thought on “Tell us how you really feel, Mark!

  1. I don’t have enough interest to research Komodo Dragon (if that’s what is in the foreground) habitat, but I think it’s pretty limited. This seems to be too cold with the air too thin for these guys. They are nasty critters though. Just ask Sharon Stone’s ex-husband.
    What I really find curious is the ability to cram about 350 lbs of excrement into 2 50 lb packs.
    4 giant tents and all the associated junk, good thing they all have over sized walking sticks.
    The Sherpa eyes are also just so over the top.

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