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Oh, she pissed now…

And I thought Mark was the socially obtuse one!

Hell hath no fury…

Dr. Camel is proving to be an absolute monster! And another new facial expression for Mark! Wow, I have never seen such disgust! Usually reserved for poachers and polluters, Mark has found a new nemesis, one who is content to poach time and pollute minds…


3 thoughts on “Oh, she pissed now…

  1. Well, I know things can go viral quickly, but 10K viewers in less than 5 minutes from a posting by an apparently little-known crackpot? Maybe it’s the Conspiracy Community keeping tabs on each other?!

    I’d also expect that this stunt could backfire on Camel, since it shows Mark saving Genie, rather than Camel, himself, who’d rather record the possible tragedy than do something about it. You’d also think that after so many years, Genie would have gotten the measure of Dr. Camel before now.

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