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When you can’t tell a story…

…just waste ink…

But you cannot hide…
…to the beat?

How much longer will we be subjected to this?

One thought on “When you can’t tell a story…

  1. Well, I see a lot to unpack here . . . including those magical shrinking packs. What started as full-frame packs extending above the head are reduced to fanny packs by the time there is a need to move quickly. (And I still wonder how they fit those full-height pole tents into the packs.)

    The sound effects and flying stones bring to mind Mark’s adventure on a volcanic island some time ago, regarding which far too many unanswered questions remain jangling about this dear reader’s brain.

    Finally, that’s an impressive Superman pose in the last strip.
    Somehow Mark’s baggy jeans in the earlier strips are transformed into skin-tight jeggings.

    Perhaps there is something in the Nepalese rainwater that shrinks packs and clothing? Can’t wait to see Mr. Allen’s rendition of Genie after a thorough soaking. . .

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