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Bill Ellis’ Mad Plan…

We have been known to go on veeeeery long walks (literally) with these stories, but I think I just stumbled onto something here…

As Dr. Camel (no, not that kind of Doctor…) continues to profess his purity of heart and intent as it pertains to his life’s work, Genie suggests that there could be a pay-day involved… complete with hand gestures:

Mark, who has never really shown any interest in money (I mean why would he? He’s well cared for at Lost Forest…) Asks yet another leading question… to which Harvey replies:

…and take good care of BILL ELLIS and WOODS and WILDLIFE MAGAZINE! AMIRIGHT?? Huh? Huh??


One thought on “Bill Ellis’ Mad Plan…

  1. And here comes the revenge of the mysterious “voodoo” doll sent to Rusty:

    All of the photos published by Field & Forest magazine about the Yeti trip wind up coming from Dr Camel’s posts, because Mark was so intent on upstaging and outing Dr. Camel that he forgot to take any photos. Dr. Camel becomes rich beyond his dreams and marries Genie. Mark Trail is publicly and professionally humiliated.

    As a result of his mistakes, Mark gets fired. Frustrated Cherry runs off with the local forest ranger, taking Dad, but leaving Rusty behind with Mark. In growing despair, Mark turns to drugs and alcohol. One day he wanders off into the forest and never returns.

    James Allen renames the comic strip: “The New Adventures of Rusty Trail!” hoping to attract readers under 50. In this new strip, Rusty spends a good part of his time trying to convince school and town officials that Mark and Cherry still live with him, but are “on assignment”. But most of the time he tries to attract girls to his cabin with the ploy of viewing his mounted fish heads collection. Rusty continues to be clueless and frustrated.

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