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He believes…

And the beat (down) goes on…

Excuses are like assholes, Dr. Camel… Everybody has one…

I honestly have never seen Mark this peeved… or antagonistic! But Dr. Camel, science isn’t about a belief system, it’s about facts and proof.

Now Genie is getting in on it… She’s not about to let the last 10 years of her (relatively) young life be made irrelevant… But Genie, we are still lacking any kind of actual DNA evidence, right? But certainly it is proven through the stories garnered from Farmers, Hikers and Researchers… yup, that pretty much defines the spectrum of humanity!


One thought on “He believes…

  1. Mark Trail – Mister Know-It-All. He’s complaining that every tourist and climber has had opportunities to snap a photo of the Yeti with their smartphones, so why haven’t they produced any shots? As you point out, Dennis, Mr. Smartypants, the professional nature photographer, has YET to take out his camera and snap even ONE photograph, in spite of all of their adventures, scenery, and progress.

    I can see Mr. Ellis after Mark gets back: “Well, Mark, let’s see what fascinating shots you captured on that antiquated Kodak of yours…hmmmm…what’s this? A few pictures of Dr. Camel yelling at you, a photo of him falling off the cliff, and his assistant giving you the finger.”

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