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Swept Away!

Bye-bye, Harvey!  One small step for Nature, one less Cryptozoologist to worry about…


Come to think of it, this is the first time I have ever seen the bottom row of Mark’s teeth… Plus he has the sad, big eyes… weird!


One thought on “Swept Away!

  1. And we see another quaint stylistic feature in Mark Trail, where a person’s head (Genie) is just too large for the body, as if some kind of foreshortening is being attempted. We can’t be too critical of this, perhaps, because of the limited space Mr. Allen has to work with. I think it would have come off a bit more realistic had he chosen to keep Genie’s right shoulder and arm inside the tent flap,

    But Camel is sure living (for the time being) up to his Capt Ahab persona, engulfed in that giant wave of an avalanche. I wonder if we’ll see a final scene of Camel and the Yeti, locked in snow-covered battle as they fall down the mountainside into oblivion. Would make a hell of a story for Mark, if he survives. Too bad he didn’t have continuous recording as Camel had. As far as I can tell, he has not had his camera out for one moment, in spite of all of the sightings, adventures, and scenery.

    Some nature photographer!

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