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Ah HA!

You know, it’s sad when a person is enabled to the point that his delusions are able to fund boondoggles and put lives in danger, or even bring about death… Or I guess it’s in support of the old adage, “if you are going to lie, lie big!”

But doesn’t Juvenile Diabetes turn into Adult Diabetes?  It’s not like a person “grows out of it” like a proclivity towards croup… no matter.  I predict that their blue suits have an auto-inflate feature that by now has formed a bubble around Harvey.  We just need to dig him out…


4 thoughts on “Ah HA!

  1. Actually, “juvenile” diabetes does not become adult diabetes. “Juvenile” diabetes is now more commonly referred to as Type I, insulin dependent diabetes. The onset of Type I used to be most common in kids, thus the name. Type I diabetics do not produce insulin, which is necessary for the body to process sugar from food. You do not outgrow it, so Dr. Camel would indeed still be diabetic.
    Type II, or “adult-onset” diabetes, is a less severe form of the disease, where the person continues to produce some insulin.

    On a different note – I really enjoy the commentary on the website – it makes these horrendously drawn out story lines almost tolerable. Thanks!

    • Thanks… guess that was really my point. Once you are found to have Type I, then it follows you through life, leading to many potentially challenging outcomes. Thanks for following!

  2. Later, when this story finally tumbles to its end, we will find Mark talking to Bill back at Woods and Wildlife magazine headquarters. Bill is rightly concerned about the lack of a story or photographs from Mark for the expedition the magazine funded.

    “It’s like this, Bill. I WOULD have taken photographs of where we were, what we saw, and what happened, but I guess I got too caught up baiting Dr. Camel. I figured he was a fraud, or at least, delusional. You know, like that Ahab guy. Oh, and I think he was sleeping with his assistant, too. You know, she also propositioned me. Yes! They ALL do, Bill! All the women in these adventures! I don’t know why. Even Cherry does, and we’re married! Gosh, can’t a guy just be a guy any more? You know, fighting crooks, being chased, getting shot at, running strangers out of Lost Forest….”

    “I understand, Mark. I think your job has just gotten too stressful. It’s rough! And even you can’t remain 37 forever. Now, I have an opening here at the magazine for Photo Editor, and I think you’re going to like it.

    “A few other things: Given your active life and long trips away, I don’t think you’ve noticed how much Rusty has grown. He’s quite a guy! Anyway, I went ahead and offered him YOUR job and he’s accepted! I know you’ll be proud of him, Mark.

    “And as for Cherry, well, she and I have something important to tell you…”

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