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Ummm… Shouldn’t someone be digging?

As riveting as this conversation is, have we simply given up on the chance that Harvey might still be alive?


By the look on Mark’s face, he’d rather be digging than listening to more of the Harvey Camel back-story…  yet it goes on…


Huckster!  Charlatan!  Confidence Man!  And what exactly is happening in the second panel?  A sideways snow typhoon?


2 thoughts on “Ummm… Shouldn’t someone be digging?

  1. Looks like they are camped at a base between two mountains. That doesn’t seem like a safe play to pitch a tent, though some mountain-climbing readers may want to chirp in here and educate us.

  2. As for digging, what the hell are the sherpas doing, besides standing around like a couple of bowling pins? Are they waiting for permission to move, to dig?

    And didn’t Camel bring along some kind of radio or sat phone for rescue and emergency situations?

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