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…enter Woods and Wildlife Magazine…

…or its parent company, whichever is appropriate…


Bill Ellis (Remember, the editor that works Mark like a puppet) catches wind of Ol’ Harvey and can’t help but take the bait…  Now he, through Mark, has the scoop of the (I don’t know, week?) that will allow him to report on the untimely death of a Social Media “Star” and the backstory that, in this day and age, probably will only burnish his reputation among his followers- dying whilst capturing the ultimate selfie- how many influencers have given themselves up in the name of their craft to date?  I bet we’d be surprised by that…  Fame is fleeting, especially today.  Now Mark, you’d best start taking pictures and get writing, dammit.


One thought on “…enter Woods and Wildlife Magazine…

  1. Going out on a limb (or on a precipice) and suggest that tomorrow’s strip will show Mark and what’s-her-name surprised to hear muffled yells from the snow. Or, perhaps fingers clawing their way out of the snow. This is “Mark Trail, of course. Only bad guys die, and that’s only once in awhile. Camel may be delusional, but he’s no bad guy.

    But they should ask for a refund for the Sherpas. Their contributions have been minimal, at best.

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