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Captain Obvious makes a prediction…


… meaning that there will be a deluge and a washout and everyone gets swept way…  We can only hope.  Glad that they had that roaring campfire going earlier in these “drought” conditions…


One thought on “Meaning?

  1. Oh, definitely, at least a different inker is involved. Perhaps Allen has been trying out various pencilers and inkers the past several weeks, which would explain the ongoing stylistic changes.

    This image of Mark is a much more earthy and sweaty Mark, not the “Land’s End” model that Trail typically portrays. Look at the way the shirts lie on the torsos of both figures: instead of the form-fitting, always-ironed work shirts we usually see, here are shirts hanging in more realistic folds, as we’d expect. They probably smell a bit, too. Mark is shown in near distance, so detail is minute; but even his face takes on a more seasoned appearance. Trail looks more like a person who really does spend a lot of time outside. And I like it!

    Hey, Allen. Hire these artists!

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