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Rusty and Kevin… Literally Toast…

In a vision stolen from Walt Disney’s Bambi, the Woodland Creatures all scamper from a fire, started not by a careless camper, but rather by Mother herself…  She can be a heartless and cruel Bee-yotch…


But whither goest the young wards?  Have they met their end?  Has the entire camping trip been spoiled?  Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Rusty and Kevin… Literally Toast…

  1. As someone with no artistic talent, I rarely critique the art here, but come on. Today’s strip looks like bad clip art, as if they simply put animal stickers on a fire background like a 5 year old.

  2. Well, Mark and Frank are in a tight spot: Go back and save everybody at the campsite or continue on to find and rescue Rusty and Kevin? I’m guessing that Mark will make one of his executive decisions and send Frank back to help break camp, while he nobly move on, looking for the lads. Hope the boys don’t run into any lions, tigers, bears, or apple-throwing trees!

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